Teeth Whitening in Hampstead, London

At Heath Street Dental, our dentists believe in safe, effective teeth whitening treatment to provide beautiful, bright, white teeth.

When it comes to whiter teeth, even those with an impeccable oral hygiene routine will suffer from some level of discolouration eventually. We have a number a quick and easy teeth whitening methods to lighten the colour of your teeth without causing any damage to the tooth health.

You can choose between chair-side whitening, supervised home teeth whitening, or a combination of both.

Chair-side whitening

Pain free and provides immediate results. After the chair-side teeth whitening procedure has taken place, we will take impressions. We will then custom-make a set of trays for you so you can maintain your new white smile at home.

Supervised home whitening
Your dentist will supervise you through the whole process. We will take impressions of your mouth and custom-make whitening trays. We supply your custom-made trays with whitening gel to whiten your teeth at home. The process involves wearing the gel-filled trays for around 1 hour a day. That allows you to whiten your teeth from comfort of your home in a timeframe that suits you.

Most teeth whitening kits work using bleaching agent, normally containing peroxide. This removes the stains from within the tooth that cause discolouration.

Before the whitening process, we need to ensure your teeth are suitable for the treatment. Therefore you should have an examination with your dentist prior to whitening. This ensures your teeth and gums are kept safe. Since the procedure is painless, no injections are required. However, there may be temporary sensitivity or discomfort afterwards, but this will disappear within days.

Interested in having whiter teeth? Contact us to book your appointment. Tooth whitening is priced at £229.

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