Bone Grafts in Hampstead, London

Bone grafts make it possible for people with inadequate bone to benefit from dental implants. For example, if you have low bone tissue, bone grafts allow you to take advantage of a solution for missing teeth using implants.

Dental implants are substitute tooth roots which are placed in the jaw bone. For an implant to be successful the patient must have sufficient jaw bone tissue to support it. In some cases, there may not be sufficient bone left in your mouth to support a dental implant. This is more commonly the case if a tooth was removed a long time before a dental implant is placed. Bone grafts are advanced dental procedures that allow patients with reduced bone tissue to have implants.

Bone grafts involve the addition of bone in the area around where the implant is to be placed. This allows implants of a correct size to be surgically placed with higher levels of success. The bone grafts can be made from either artificial bone or your own bone. Bone grafts made from your own bone are typically removed from another area of your body such as your mouth or your hip.

During your examination or implant consultation with one of our specialists, we will examine your mouth and carry out X-rays. The X-rays confirm the depth and density of bone tissue. If there is not enough bone to support an implant, our specialists will discuss the options for bone grafts with you.

Bone grafting is a relatively simple process and our specialists at Heath Street Dental have been highly trained in carrying out these procedures. Once bone tissue has been obtained, an incision is made in the gum and a flap of tissue is lifted. Bone is then placed on the intended site. The tissue flap is closed and the gum stitched. The healing process usually takes a few months, after which implants can be considered.

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