Dental Hygiene with Airflow in Hampstead, London

Dental Hygiene with Airflow Stain Removal

Airflow treatment is an advanced and effective cleaning method to remove stains carried out alongside a traditional scale and polish hygiene treatment.

Over the years, food and drink can cause teeth to stain or discolour. To maintain a healthy, bright smile a professional clean is essential.

Airflow Polishing Treatment

Airflow treatment uses a combination of water, compressed air and fine particles of sodium bicarbonate. It is a powerful dental hygiene treatment that cleans and removes plaque, as well as stains from your teeth.

Airflow polishing has been shown to reduce the incidence of bleeding gums by reducing the level of bacteria in your mouth. The airflow nozzle shoots high pressured water mixed with bicarbonate at the surface of your teeth. The benefits of airflow is that it is simple and yet gives you a brighter and fresh smile. Patients tend to feel an immediately noticeable difference. This method of dental cleaning while effective is gentle on the teeth so that even people with dental implants can have it done.

Airflow polishing is safe and not painful as it is a fine spray of water and sodium bicarbonate powder that is used for the cleaning process. Generally patients to not experience sensitivity and it provides immediate results with no follow-up visits necessary to complete the treatment.

Benefits of Airflow

Plaque and stain removal – A high-pressure nozzle removes the plaque biofilm, calculus deposits and stains, both cleaning and polishing the teeth. It does not remove the hardened tartar build up so it is usually carried out in conjuction with a routine ultrasonic scaling of the teeth.

Gentle – The airflow polish machine shoots out a spray of soft powder. The procedure is gentle and non-invasive.

Gum support – Airflow reaches the areas that other dental hygiene tools may not and so the gum health is improved

Feeling cleaner and fresher – Patients generally feel a fresher breath and cleaner mouth following airflow treatment

Can be used on crowns, veneers, implants and bridges – Airflow polish is gentle. It doesn’t require heat or other instruments. It can be used on teeth that have been treated with crowns, implants, veneers and bridges.

When not to have Airflow

Airflow polish is safe for adults and children. It has been proven effective alongside traditional dental hygiene treatment. However, please avoid airflow if you have asthma, upper respiratory tract infections or acute inflammatory conditions of the mouth.

We also recommend to avoid airflow during pregnancy and for children under the age of 10.


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