Fees in Hampstead, London

Welcome to the Heath Street Dental fees guide.

Our aim is to provide you with the best possible quality of treatment. We believe that fees should always be 100% transparent and clear upfront. Therefore, you will be provided with a written treatment plan following an examination with any our dentists and specialists. This treatment plan will outline the treatment suggested to you and any costs involved.

You can spread the cost of your treatment with our interest-free finance plans.

All insurance schemes are welcome.

You may wish to consider joining our Denplan club. This allows you to have regular access to private dental care as part of an affordable payment plan. For example, our ‘Denplan Essentials’ plan has a small monthly fee, which covers your examinations, two hygiene sessions per year and you also receive a 10% discount off any treatment. Visit our Denplan page to find out more.

Cancellation Policy

In order to secure any appointment slot, we ask for a £40 deposit. If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, this deposit is fully refundable up to 24 hours prior to the appointment time. For missed appointments or late cancellations with less than 24 hours notice there is a £40 cancellation fee. We thank you for your understanding.


Children’s Dental Examination (<5 years) £25
Dental Examination (incl. two bitewing X-rays) £40
Pregnancy Dental Examination £40
Paediatric Consultation (incl. two bitewing X-rays) £100
Hygiene Treatment £60
Hygiene Treatment with Airflow Stain Removal £95
Emergency Assessment with Periapical X-ray £65
Periapical X-ray £25
Panoramic (OPG) X-ray £65
Fillings from £90-250
Simple Extractions from £90-150
Complex Extractions from £150-380
Root Canal Treatment from £400-600
Advanced Root Canal Treatment from £750-1250
Boutique Teeth Whitening £299
Enlighten Teeth Whitening £585
Biteguard/Nightguard £195
Sport’s Mouthguard £240
Teeth Grinding Masseter Botox £350
Crowns from £550-945
Veneers from £700-980
Dentures from £650-1900
Bridges from £850


Specialist Orthodontic Consultation £60
Children’s Removable Braces from £900
Children’s Functional Braces from £1,350
Children’s Fixed Braces from £2,000
Adult’s Fixed braces from £2,200
Lingual Braces from £4,950
Invisalign i7 from £1,500
Invisalign lite from £2,950
Invisalign full from £4,800
Removable Retainer (per arch) £200
Fixed Retainer (per arch) £250
Retainer Repair £60-120


Specialist Implant or Prosthodontic Consultation £90
CBCT Scan £150
Implant Placement from £1,600
Implant Crown from £1,300
Bone Graft from £800
Sinus Lift from £975


Botox 1 Area £199
Botox 2 Areas £285
Botox 3 Areas £350
Excess sweating treatment from £450
Lip Filler £300
Nasiolabial filler £300


Specialist Periodontal Consultation (incl. Xrays and Records) £150
Non-surgical Periodontal treatment from £120
Specialist Non-Surgical Periodontal treatment from £375
Surgical Periodontal treatment from £650
Gum recession (graft) surgery from £850
Crown Lengthening from £650
Periodontal review from £100


Sleep/Snoring Consultation £60
Mandibular Advancement (Anti-Snoring) Device £650


Maxillofacial Consultation £180
Specialist extraction (incl. consultation) £560
Oral Biopsy £380
Sedation (adult) from £550

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