Functional Braces in Hampstead, London

Functional braces, used for young patients, are a removable type of brace. They are used to correct the way your child’s upper and lower teeth fit over each other.

These functional braces are worn on the upper and lower teeth at the same time and removed only for cleaning. A functional appliance may be used to correct your child’s protruding upper or lower front teeth. They can also improve the way molar teeth bite together as well as improve your child’s overall facial profile.

This type of treatment is used to help our young patients improve jaw relationships and not used to align teeth. As a result, functional braces are usually used as a first stage of your child’s orthodontic treatment. The second stage of treatment is the alignment of the teeth with fixed braces. The final result is a well-aligned bite and straight teeth, which help maintain proper chewing, clear speech, and excellent oral health.

If your child has functional braces, here are some tips for taking care of them:
Only remove the braces for cleaning purposes. You can brush the braces with your regular toothbrush and toothpaste whenever you brush your own teeth. You should brush the teeth ideally after each meal. Consider a travel brush at school or work so that you can brush after lunch. Use a fluoride mouthwash or brush with a fluoride gel last thing at night after brushing your teeth.

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