Sinus Lift in Hampstead, London

At Heath Street Dental, our specialists use a sinus lift to allow implant placement, even when there is not enough bone to support the implant.

Sometimes there may be insufficient bone to place implants, especially in the upper arch at the back of the mouth. The bone loss can occur over a period of time. A sinus lift is a procedure that augments the bone in the upper arch where the sinuses are located. If bone depth is insufficient for an implant, the floor of the sinus cavity is lifted to create depth.

Sinus lifts can make dental implant placement possible, thus allowing people with bone loss to enjoy the benefits of a long term solution for their missing teeth.

This procedure is also known as a ‘Sinus Grafting’. The maxillary sinus’ are hollow spaces that are located behind your cheeks above the roots of your upper back teeth. Occasionally when upper back teeth removed, the sinus’ can drop down into the space where the root used to be. To place an implant at such a site would require the sinus to be lifted back into its original position and to be held there using a bone substitute. This can be done either by an Internal Sinus Lift or a Lateral Sinus Lift.

Internal Sinus Lift

If there is sufficient bone for Implant stabilisation, our specialists can provide an internal sinus lift. They first create the site for the implant and lift the sinus. They then place bone graft materials without further bone disturbance. This is a very simple and quick procedure avoiding more complex surgery.

Lateral Sinus Lift

Sometimes you may require a lateral sinus lift. For this procedure, our specialists create a small access point in the wall where the upper back teeth used to be. They expose the sinus membrane and lift it. They then place the bone graft material hold it in its newly lifted position. For this procedure, you will require some time for healing before you can arrange for your dental implant to be placed.

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