Do you find brushing your child’s teeth challenging?

brushing child teeth

We’re told we should brush our child’s teeth as soon as they come through but how do we go about this? Here are a few tips from us!

  1. Children learn through imitation, for younger children, making brushing a fun activity carried out alongside a parent, video or accompanying song, can make it fun for them.
  2. Independence is a key part of your child’s development. Allow your child to be involved in their own brushing routine; perhaps even choosing their own toothbrush, and as soon as they are able, applying toothpaste to their toothbrush. Of course, it’s important to be supervising children under the age of 7 whilst they are brushing.
  3. Different children will respond to different techniques and you may have to adapt yours as your child grows bigger. In older children, using an adult toothpaste or an electric toothbrush can make the task feel more important.
  4. Make a visit to the dentist as soon as your child’s first teeth come through, this will reiterate the importance of good oral health.

At Heath Street Dental, we have a friendly dental team that put comfort at the forefront of their treatment, and can help motivate your child to brush more confidently, making the trip to the dentist a little more fun for everyone!