Is teeth whitening safe?

Woman's Teeth Before And After Whitening
Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments around. It can offer fantastic results and it’s relatively inexpensive, with solutions to suit most budgets.

A pearl white, perfect smile is becoming increasingly desired. As a result, the number of websites offering teeth whitening tips is on the rise – as is the number of interested parties.

Home solutions frequently encouraged by websites include baking soda, salt and rubbing lemon peel directly on teeth. While these may seem like ordinary and harmless ingredients, they can damage the enamel that coats your teeth – the hard white surface on your teeth.

In addition, salons, spas and also some less-than-reputable companies selling teeth whitening kits pose an additional risk – so shop and whiten with caution as their lack of knowledge can cause significant damage to your teeth and gums. 

Excessive exposure to hydrogen peroxide can damage tooth enamel, but providing the EU guidelines are followed and treatment is supervised by a qualified dentist, teeth whitening is very safe.

Professional teeth whitening can include at-home whitening kits and chair-side supervised whitening, which offer fantastic, safe results and give you full control over your treatment.

Home whitening kits consist of custom-made bleaching trays and whitening gel. Simply fill your trays with a small amount of whitening gel, as instructed by your clinician, and wear them for the required amount of time, usually overnight.

The whitening gel that we supply contains carbamide peroxide, which breaks down into hydrogen peroxide. It may take a few days before you start to see results, but ultimately home whitening is just as effective as chair-side whitening.

On the subject of sensitivity, if you suffer from sensitive teeth you can still whiten them. Your dentist will discuss the most appropriate treatment as well as tactics to help minimise your sensitivity.

At Heath Street Dental in Hampstead we use technologically advanced and effective whitening treatments to help you achieve the perfect smile.