Start 2018 by putting your Best Smile Forward


Image by vector4stock on Freepik

Here are 5 tips to help you Eat for a #Beautiful #Smile

Drink Tea: Black and green teas contain #antioxidants that prevent plaque from adhering to your teeth and help reduce your chances of developing cavities and gum disease. However, be aware; they can also stain your teeth!

Drink fruit juices only at meal-times: when fruit is blended, sugars are released from the structures of the fruit that can cause decay and damage your teeth. Its best to drink smoothies & fruit juices at meal-times to reduce the frequency of sugar exposure to your teeth.

Eat Kiwis: #Vitamin C associates positively with the health of your gum tissues. Kiwis, Guava and Strawberries are packed with #Vitamin C.

Fill up on #Fibre: #Fibre has been known to counteract inflammation of the gum tissues at also reduce cardiovascular disease. Fibre-rich foods include: Beans, Nuts and dried Fruits. Switch up your sushi and try using #wholegrain rice, another fantastic fibre source.

Avoid too much Citrus: Fruits that have a high citrus content are acidic and can be hazardous to the enamel. Fruits high in citrus include Grapefruit, Mandarins, Lemon and Lime.

#healthy diet is important not only for your teeth but also your overall health. At Heath Street Dental we encourage everyone to focus on a balanced #diet including plenty of fruits and vegetables as well as starchy foods such as rice and pasta. Make sure you are including sources of #protein such as Meat, Fish, Eggs, Tofu and Beans!

Here’s to a healthy and happy new year from all of us at Heath Street Dental.