Top tips for a tooth-friendly Easter

easter games

With Easter soon approaching and the Cadbury’s crème eggs back on the shelves, our chocolate temptations can get the better of us. With the broad range of sugary treats on display, it can be damaging for our teeth, especially for children.

To help you and your family his Easter, our Team at Heath Street Dental have come up with a few tips and tricks to maintain healthy teeth as well as indulge in the Easter binge

Enjoy Easter treats as part of a meal, rather than nibbling throughout the day

If you were to indulge in sugary foods, it is less damaging if you consume that whole chocolate bar in one sitting rather than nibble on it throughout the day. The plaque production cycle is repeated every time you expose your teeth to sugars and carbohydrates.

After eating chocolates and sweets, don’t brush straight away.

A common myth is brushing after eating sugary foods to remove the traces of the chocolates and biscuits, but in reality, you could be damaging your tooth enamel. After exposure to sugar and acids, your enamel weakens, and abrasive brushing can be irreversibly damaging. Alternatively, try to brush your teeth before eating or at least 1 hour after eating.

Alternative Easter treats and crafts

Easter doesn’t have to be about eating chocolates until your heart’s content. Why not use alternative treats during your Easter egg hunt like soft toys, plastic eggs filled with coins or carrots for the Easter bunny.

Have a tooth-happy Easter everybody!